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We know keeping your units full and tenets happy is important to your success as a Multi-unit housing property. One of the main things that attracts new tenets is overall upkeep and cleanliness of your property. Pest control is a big factor in the upkeep and maintaining a clean property for your tenets to enjoy. We always offer 3 tiered proposals to help you find the best fit for your needs and price. PinPoint is here to help you keep your tenets happy and feel at home. 

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Your Multi-Unit Housing Pest needs

Apartment communities

We offer custom pricing and programs to address the specific needs of your property. We have a designated property account manager on staff to help keep communication seamless and expectations clear. 

Rental Properties

PinPoint wants to help you protect the value of your rental property. Regular pest control services help ward off potential issues that can cause damage to your home. We are here to help protect what is yours when you are away. 

TownHomes & Condos

Dual living spaces can create pest issues as you are not always in full control of what may come in or out of your home’s property. PinPoint is here to protect your home from potential issues. We will set expectations and partner with you in order to ensure your home area is pest free. 

Infestation Remediation

Our infestation remediation treatments are tailored specifically to your property. We will communicate with you before the treatment and set expectations so we can partner together and stand behind the work we do. 

Multi-Unit Housing Pest PROCESS

Step 1: Listen 

Every project begins with our technicians listening to your concerns and designing an appropriate solution as a result.

Step 2:Protect

Protecting your property and investment is important to us. Our goal is to protect your home or property by setting clear expectations helping you understand what your pest protection should look like. 

Step 3: Communicate 

Communication is key with multi-unit housing properties. We keep an open line of communication with our property account manager so we can address your needs with quick turn around.

Step 4: Partner 

Good pest control starts with a partnership. We will give you clear expectations for your property’s needs so we can work together making sure your property is pest free.

The PinPoint Pro Guarantee

We guarantee all of our services and offer free one time service calls between regular visits to ensure your property is PinPoint Pro Protected. 

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