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Quarterly Pest Control

Recommended for businesses in the retail, entertainment, healthcare, & any other non-food industry organization.

$45.50/Mo *Avg

Quarterly pest & rodent control to prevent insects and rodents from entering your business. Targets pests such as cockroaches, ants, spiders, rats & mice.
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Monthly Pest Control

Recommended for restaurants and any other food industry businesses.

$49.50/Mo *Avg

Monthly pest & rodent control to prevent insect activity in and around your business. Targets pests such as cockroaches, ants, spiders, rats & mice.
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The office is where pests are not.

PinPoint Pest Solutions is a locally owned and operated pest control company servicing the upstate area. We are proud to provide premier pest control solutions to commercial, residential, food-servicing, and healthcare properties.  

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Commercial Property PROCESS

Step 1: Listen 

Every commercial project begins with our technicians listening to your concerns and designing an appropriate solution as a result.

Step 2: Protect 

Our goal is to protect your property from insect concerns. We are able to treat reactively to current issues and pro-actively to protect you and your customers from future issues. 

Step 3: Communicate 

We will always communicate with you before and after each treatment. Your specialist will let you know of any present issues and what was done to correct them.

Step 4: Partner 

We want to partner with you in addressing your property’s needs to give you and your customers the experience expected. 

The PinPoint Pro Guarantee

Like all of our services, PinPoint Pro is proud to stand behind the work we do with a service result guarantee. Give our office a call for more information. 

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