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Each home is built differently, but most have crawl spaces. Crawl spaces are important to the structural integrity of our homes but can often times create moisture issues if not properly cared for. Sub-floor encapsulation is an important step that can be taken to protect your investment and prevent moisture build up that can alter the structural integrity of your home 

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Moisture build up in your sub-floor creates health concerns for your family and structural integrity issues for your home. PinPoint is here for all of your sub-floor needs. From dehumidifers to full sub-floor encapsulation were here to help with your crawlspace projects. 

Before we begin any sub-floor project we will inspect and make recommendations particular to your home. We will present you multiple different options that will cater to your budgetary and moisture protection needs. Once decided upon we will be with you throughout the entire process setting expectations and completing the project with quality to ensure you sub-floor is moisture protected.

The PinPoint Guarantee

Like all of our services we stand behind and guarantee our moisture barrier projects. If an issues arises let us know and we will be out to inspect, set expectations, and pinpoint the exact issue. 

The pinpoint approach


Every sub-floor moisture barrier project begins with one of our service representatives, specialists, or managers listening to your concerns and designing an appropriate solution as a result.


Our licensed specialists will arrive on time at your property on a scheduled appointment. After reviewing account information and listening to your feedback and concerns, your specialist will begin your project. Each sub-floor project is different so we want to make sure you needs are heard and addressed to give you confidence your sub-floor is PinPoint protected.


After your treatment has been completed your specialist will communicate with you about any notable aspects of your property and advise on the best practices for optimal pest control results. You will also receive post-treatment text confirmation, emailed invoices and receipts, and a completion door hanger letting you know your services have been completed. 


We understand that pest control is only achieve when the home owner and PinPoint are in a partnership together. We will come along side you, leaving recommendations on what we can do together to achieve your pest goals. As always, our trained team is just a phone call away to answer any questions you may have.

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