Your Licensed Termite Inspectors

Home Bond

Annual Home Bond Insurance up to $1,000,000
$ 249
  • Termite Insurance up to $1,000,000
  • Semi Annual Monitoring Inspections
  • PinPoint Service Guarantee

Termite Station Installation

Installation of Termite Stations
$ 778
One Time 1st Yr Installation Fee *Avg
  • Trelona ATBS Bait Stations
  • Free Replacement of Damaged Stations
  • PinPoint Service Guarantee

Why you need a
$1 Million Termite Home bond

Termites are very common in the upstate of South Carolina. They are responsible for over $5M in home and building damage each year. Most commonly Eastern Subterranean Termites are the species found in our area. These termites are very destructive and preventative measures should be taken to ensure your home is not damaged.

PinPoint offers a Termite Home Bond designed to prevent termites from damaging your home. We bond your home up to $1,000,000 to ensure that in the unlikely chance of damage occurring your finances are protected.

Whats Included
With our Home Bond and Monitoring

PinPoint uses BASF Advanced Trelona termite monitoring stations that are installed around the perimeter of your home. These stations are yours for life once they are installed. Our preventative measures include a bait to attract any termites away from your home and includes an insecticide that will destroy the termite colony quickly and thoroughly.

We visit your property semi annually to check each station for activity and replenish any bait and insecticide as needed. If stations are damaged we will replace them at no charge to you. On an annual basis and the date of your annual Home Bond renewal a licensed inspector will inspect your crawl space for termite activity ensuring the stations remain effective and your home is protected.

The PinPoint Guarantee

Like all of our services we guarantee your Home Bond. We are able to help you take your assets off the line and protect your home with up to $1 Million of termite damage insurance. 

The pinpoint approach


Every project begins with our team listening to your concerns and designing an appropriate solution. 


Our desire is to protect your home from nuisnace insects with a tailored program that will meet your specific needs. 


Communication is the first step in achieving good pest control. Once we know of your concerns, we can properly address them and give feedback on preventative actions we can both take. 


Achieving good pest control is a team effort. We want to partner with you by listening to your concerns, taking action, and leaving recommendations on what we can both do proactively to achieve pest prevention. 

Say "yes" to the bond you can trust.