Year-round lawn treatments & monthly mosquito control
$ 81
Per month starting at
  • Fire Ant Mound Treatment
  • Outdoor Flea & Tick
  • Monthly Mosquito Control
  • PinPoint Service Guarantee

Outdoor Services
Protecting your exterior property

Our Outdoor service plan is designed to protect you from outside lawn pests and mosquitoes. On a quarterly basis your lawn is treated for fire ant mounds, fleas, and ticks. Monthly, April through October we will treat for mosquitoes. We are equipped to partner with you in taking back your outdoor areas throughout the year! 

Whats covered
Outdoor Pest Control

This treatment plan will help keep insects out of your lawn and landscape areas throught the year. On a quarterly basis a technician will treat for fire ant mounds as well as fleas and ticks. You may see a large reduction in the amount of other kinds of lawn insects due to our recurring treatment schedule.  

Our mosquito treatments are tailored to your specific property. We are happy to offer fogging mosquito reduction or In2care mosquito life cycle control. Depending on your property type and needs our technicians can help determine the best type of mosquito control to achieve best results.

The PinPoint Guarantee

All of our services come with a guarantee. Seeing insects between your regular treatments? Give our office a call and we will be happy to re-visit and ensure your home and lawn is protected.

The pinpoint approach


Every project begins with our team listening to your concerns and designing an appropriate solution. 


Our desire is to protect your home from nuisance insects with a tailored program that will meet your specific needs. 


Communication is the first step in achieving good pest control. Once we know of your concerns we can properly address them and give feedback on preventative actions that we can both take. 


Achieving good pest control is a team effort. We want to partner with you by listening to your concerns, taking action, and leaving recommendations on what we can both do proactively to achieve pest prevention. 

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