Japanese Beetle

Order: Coleoptera

Scientific Name: Popilla japonica

Appearance: Metallic like green color with copper wings covering the back and white hair patches surrounding the sides

Size: 0.5 in.


What is a Japanese Beetle?

As their name indicates, Japanese beetles originated from Japan, but now inhabit most of North America. Japanese beetles emerge from the ground once they reach adulthood. In this stage of life they can cause much damage to cultivated plants, trees, and shrubs. If not controlled Japanese beetles can devastate plants giving them a brown dying appearance. 

Japanese beetles spend the majority of their life in their larval stage as grubs. Once they emerge from the ground being fully developed, the beetles will begin mating. Mating season typically takes place in July – August and eggs are laid during this time as well. 

Why do I have Japanese Beetles?

Japanese beetles are the result of grubs. After about 1 year after hatching from their eggs, grubs reach maturity and emerge from the soil as beetles. Some years present more Japanese beetles than others which is likely due to more suitable environmental changes. 

After surfacing, Japanese beetles begin to feed on nearby foliage and cause damage to plants. Japanese beetles can be attracted to scents, other beetles, and aroma of certain shrubbery. Rose bushes, and vegetable plants are common cultivated vegetation that Japanese beetles enjoy.  

How do I get rid of Japanese Beetles?

Control of Japanese beetles should include treatment of their multiple life stages. It is important to treat for grubs in the lawn in order to prevent next year’s outbreak as well as controlling this year’s beetles. If populations are not severe home remedies can be used such as shaking beetles off of their host plant into soapy water. This method is recommended to be done once daily or more if necessary. 

Having a professional pest control specialist partner with you in controlling Japanese beetles is recommended as they are able to effectively treat the multiple life stages of Japanese beetles and help prevent future outbreaks. Click Here for Details on our General Pest & Outdoor Plan. 


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