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Termites can cause serious damage if they are not prevented. Here in South Carolina termites are very common, but luckily they can be prevented relatively easily. 

PinPoint’s technicians are licensed to inspect for and determine if termite damage is present. We are here to answer your termite questions and are happy to come out to your property for a free consultation helping you make the best decision for your home’s termite protection. 

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We take our job seriously here at PinPoint. When it comes to termites corners cannot be cut. Our free termite consultation allows us to accurately determine and inform you of where your termite protection should start. 

Whether your property has current termite activity that needs remediation treatments, your looking finance your home and are in need of a CL-100, or you would like to bond your home up to $1,000,000, we can do it all in house assisting you every step of the way.  

Termite protection is very important in the South Carolina environment. Don’t wait so long that its too late to prevent an infestation. Let us know of your termite concerns and we will be happy to assist you with a free termite consultation. 


PinPoint’s free termite consultation allows us to accurately determine what is needed for your home’s protection. Were confident we can find the solution you need for your termite protection.

The PinPoint Guarantee

We stand behind all the work we do and just like our other services we guarantee our termite protection. If you ever have any questions or concerns let us know and we will be happy to consult with you. 

The pinpoint approach


Every termite project begins with one of our service representatives, specialists, or managers listening to your concerns and designing an appropriate solution as a result.


Our licensed specialists will arrive on time at your property on a scheduled appointment. After reviewing account information and listening to your feedback and concerns, your specialist will begin your treatment. Every treatment is different but you can rest assured that your property will be left PinPoint Protected


After your treatment has been completed your specialist will communicate with you about any notable aspects of your property and advise on the best practices for optimal pest control results. You will also receive post-treatment text confirmation, emailed invoices and receipts, and a completion door hanger letting you know your services have been completed. 


We understand that pest control is only achieved when the home owner and PinPoint are in a partnership together. We will come along side you, leaving recommendations on what we can do together to achieve your pest goals. As always, our trained team is just a phone call away to answer any questions you may have.

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