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Did you know that one female mouse is able to have anywhere from 32-56 pups a year, and a rat can have up to 84 offspring in one year! Rodent issues can get out of hand very fast due to how quickly they can reproduce.

Rodents are also known to carry disease, so it recommended to have a plan in place that will routinely keep them away from your home. It is also important to remember that rodents pose a threat to your lawn and landscape areas, and they can even attempt to make home in your car if left outside! We can help protect your property with quarterly monitoring checks that will keep rats and mice from making a home inside of yours.

Rodent control is
Damage Control

Rodents are notorious for their unhygienic nature. Disease carried by rats and mice is only one of the potential threats they bring to your home. They can carry insects that cause infestations, create structural damage to your home, and contaminate food and waste. It is even believed that they are the culprits of up to 20% of undetermined household fires in the US each year!

Rodents have a few tell tale signs they have been around. Keep an eye out for droppings, chewing marks, entry point holes, and nesting materials. It is always a good idea to be preventative, but our specialists are equipped with the knowledge to resolve larger rodent issues as well. Our rodent control solution includes monitoring stations that will continue to bait rodents on your property until your next quarterly check up comes around.


Have rodents decided your home is theirs too? If so, we have the solution for your small rodent needs.

The PinPoint Guarantee

Like all of our services, we guarantee our small rodent services for your home. Need help between visits? Call our service team and we’ll schedule one free re-treatment in between regular scheduled visits.

The pinpoint approach


Every rodent control project begins with our team listening to your concerns and designing an appropriate solution.


Our desire is to protect your home from insects both inside and outside with a tailored program that will meet your needs.


Communication is the first step in achieving good pest control. Once we know of your concerns, we can properly address them and give feedback on preventative actions that we can both take.


Good pest control is a team effort. We want to partner with you by listening to your concerns, taking action, and leaving recommendations on what we can both do proactively to achieve pest prevention.

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