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Ensuring your crawl space is protected

Good pest control starts from the bottom up. Preventing moisture is always the best way to ensure your property is protected against large structural issues such as termites or wood rott. Protecting your home from the bottom up includes the places that may never cross your mind. 

Sub-Floor (crawl-space) pest control is very important for your health, and the integrity of your home structure. Moisture build up in crawl spaces not only attracts insects to your home but also can cause build up of fungi and mold that can weaken the foundation of your home and create potential harm to your family’s health. 

Pinpoint has you covered For all of
Your sub-floor moisture needs

plastic moisture barriers

Plastic barriers across your sub-floor will help lessen your home’s moisture buildup. Click the link for more information about PinPoint’s moisture barrier options. 

Dehumidifiers & Sump Pumps

After a moisture barrier is set dehumidifiers and sump pumps can further protect your sub-floor from holding moisture. Click here for more information about PinPoint’s dehumidifier and sump pump options. 

crawlspace vents & doors

Protecting the openings to your home will aid in creating positive air flow and keeping insects from entering your sub-floor.  Click here for more information regarding PinPoint’s moisture services. 

insecticide insulation

PinPoint can help you upgrade your sub-floor home insulation to also provide you with preventative pest control all in one. Click here for more information regarding PinPoint’s insecticide insulation services. 

Moisture PROCESS

Step 1: Listen Every moisture protection project begins with our technicians listening to your concerns and designing an appropriate solution as a result.

Step 2: Protect Your home’s moisture protection matters to us. We will thoroughly inspect and determine the best moisture protection for your specific home.

Step 3: Communication Communicating with you is the best way to give you confidence that your home is protected. We always communicate before and after we visit your property and inform you of everything that was done.

Step 4: Partner Moisture control is unique to each property. PinPoint wants to partner with you in order to get you the results your property needs.

The PinPoint Guarantee

Like all of our services, PinPoint’s moisture protection options also come with a result guarentee. Call our office for more information about how PinPoint can protect your sub-floor space. 

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