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PinPoint’s overall goal is to help our community. Pest control has numerous benefits to our community and environment. Whether we are assisting a health care facility with their sanitization goals, or keeping a retail store pest free in order to protect their brand, PinPoint will always be here to help you with your goals as a business. 

We understand the importance of your image and want to  come along side you to help protect it in any way possible. From town hall buildings, to public libraries and beyond we are all constantly involved our community in one way or another. Our goal is to come along side you in your efforts to reach out to our community and provide your business with quality pest control that will protect our community when they visit. 

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Parents from all walks of life are trusting you day to day with the care of their children. Whether we are focusing on treating your outside grounds or inside cafeteria, PinPoint is here to help ensure the children and parents of our community they are safe from pest issues while at school activities. 

Government Buildings

Government buildings are the fore ground for our community. Whether it be a town hall or county building our public  is looking to you for the goals and image of our overall community. We want to help protect our community’s image by assisting your building with pest control needs. 


Larger facilities like warehouses are often times the perfect breeding ground for insect issues. Constant foot traffic in and out and recurring deliveries creates many ways insects can enter your warehouse. Pinpoint is here to protect your employees and products from potential insect issues. 

Public Spaces

Public spaces in our area are commonly used by families in our community. We want to help preserve these areas by partnering with you in giving our public the pest free experience they are looking for. 


Step 1: Listen 

Every community project begins with our technicians listening to your concerns and designing an appropriate solution as a result.

Step 2: Protect 

Our programs are set in place with the goal of protecting our community. Never hesitate to let us know if any pest issues as we want to partner with you in reaching your goal as a business.

Step 3: Communicate 

Communication is key in quality pest control. We will always communicate with you before a treatment to address ay specific concerns you have. 

Step 4: Partner 

Partnering with you allows us to have confidence in each other knowing our community is pest free. We will always let you know of any important issues at the property and set proper expectations for your specific facility. 

The PinPoint Pro Guarantee

Like all of our services we guarantee our commercial pest programs. Let us know of any issues that arise and we will be happy to offer you a one time free application between treatments to ensure our community is protected. 

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