Protect Your Home Finances Business From Termites

$1,000,000 Home Bond

Protect your home and finances with a Termite Home Bond

$249.50 *Annual

Renew your Home Bond on an annual basis for $249.50. Installation of monitoring stations is required prior to bonding the home.
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Termite Remediation

Remediation services for an active termite infestation.

$732.19 *Avg

Borate treatment to eradicate termite infestations. Option to set up monitoring stations & Home Bond to prevent future infestations.
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CL-100 Inspection Report

State verified wood destroying organism inspection report

$125 / Inspection

Crawl space and home inspection to locate wood destroying organisms such as, termites, powderpost beetles, old house borers, mold, & fungi.
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PinPoint uses the Trelona ATBS Bait System to effectively control termite colonies. Installed every 15-20ft around the perimeter of your home, these stations bait and eliminate any termites near the protected structure. We will recurrently monitor these stations to replace bait and damaged stations as necessary. 


Termites are responsible for more than $5 billion of structural damage in the United States. Our Home Bond comes with your Termite Control plan and is designed to protect your home and finances from termite damage.


Have a current termite infestation? Remediating active termites can look different depending on the situation. Typically a borate method is used followed by removing termite tunnels. Although we cannot bond a home that is currently infested with termites we can remediate them first and then set up termite monitoring stations and a Home Bond to prevent infestation in the future.

CL-100 Inspection

Inspections are required by the state of South Carolina and most lenders when purchasing or refinancing a home. A CL-100 or WDO report is written once a licensed technician has thoroughly inspected your home for any wood destroying insects or fungi. PinPoint has worked with many homeowners, buyers, and realtors in the upstate to help homeowners complete their CL-100 inspection in a timely manner. 

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