Class: Chilopoda

Scientific Name: Chilopoda

Appearance: Color ranging from yellow to dark brown and at times have striping; mouths are small and contain venom glands; leg count ranges from 15-177

Size: 1 – 12 in.


What is a Centipede?

Centipedes are distinguished from millipedes by the amount of legs they have. While it is commonly thought that centipedes have 100 legs only a few species actually reach that number. Centipedes have one pair of legs per body segment while millipedes have 2 pairs per body segment. Indoor centipedes typically have harrier bodies while outdoor centipedes remain hairless.

Centipedes are predators and feed on small insects. They are most active at night and they prefer to remain in dark areas during daytime. Centipedes are known to bite humans, but their venom is not strong enough to pose a threat to children or adults unless an allergy is present. 

Why do I have Centipedes?

As centipedes are predators, they are typically only found in locations where there is an abundant food source. They prefer dark and moist locations and typically only come out at night.

Common areas centipedes can be found include, under rocks, in crawlspaces, and in piles of leaves. Indoors, centipedes may be found in moist and humid areas such as laundry rooms, bathrooms, basements, and areas with an abundance of clutter. 

How do I get rid of Centipedes?

Preventing centipedes from entering a home is possible by reducing clutter, managing moisture levels, and properly sealing entry points. If numerous centipedes are entering a home it is likely due to a large population outside. Remove exterior clutter that is near the home such as mulch, leaves, and rocks. 

A local pest control company can aid in preventing centipedes form entering your home by laying an insecticide barrier keeping them from accessing your home’s interior. It is only possible to achieve centipede control by practicing the proper preventative measures as described above. Click Here for Details on our General Pest Control Plan


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