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PinPoint is proud to partner with local realtors in the Upstate of South Carolina. Our goal is to make your inspections as seamless as possible. We know closing on a house can oftentimes get drawn out due to the last-minute details. We are here to help keep your closing on schedule. We have a designated licensed specialist on staff with a flexible schedule in order to complete your CL-100 inspection in a timely fashion. Your specialist will also have a Supra Key on hand to keep the process moving along smoothly without uprooting your or your client’s daily schedule. 

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We understand completing your CL-100 inspection on time is important. Our designated licensed specialist will reach out to you prior to the inspection to make sure an appointment time is set that meets your needs. We will arrive on time and thoroughly inspect the home for any active termite activity.

Our Cl-100 inspections come with a thoroughly detailed report. Your specialist will inspect the entirety of your home including attics, crawl spaces, and the outside perimeter of the home. Once the results are uploaded we will email you a copy immediately upon completion for signature.

The PinPoint Guarantee

Like all of our services, we stand behind the results of our CL-100 inspections. Your CL-100 report will be valid for 30 days after the date of inspection. 

The pinpoint approach


Every CL-100 inspection begins with us listening to your needs and setting an appropriate appointment time to assist you in a timely fashion. 


Our goal is to accurately determine the results of your CL-100  to ensure the home is termite-free. In the chance that termite activity is present, we are able to perform remediation treatment that will assure you the home is protected against any present termite activity. 


We will always communicate with you through the process of completing your CL-100. Before we arrive at the appointment we will notify you the day prior and speak with you after the inspection is completed. Once completed the CL-100 document will be sent to you for signature. 


We partner with many local realtors for their client’s CL-100 inspections. We are always happy to welcome new relators to our family so we can partner together in servicing our direct community. 

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