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When They belong outside
We make them stay outside

 “Friends not foes!” Is a very common saying used to describe spiders.

This saying was coined for them because they do provide a lot of benefits to our environment! Some even refer to spiders as nature’s pest control as they are known to feed on ‘bad’ insects that attack gardens. So, when it comes to spiders, we focus on making sure they stay outside where they are most useful.

when 8 legs are too much to handle
Our spider Specialists have your back

Arachnophobia, the fear of spiders, is very common. Probably because there are over 49,000 different kinds! Odds are you will come across multiple kinds of spiders on just your own property. This is where preventative pest control comes in handy.

We specialize in keeping the spiders outside where they are happiest and belong. We can accomplish this by laying a protective barrier around the exterior of your home which will deter spiders from trying to enter. We will also dust off any cobwebs that may be attached to your home which helps discourage spiders from wanting to return.

No more ‘itzy bitzy’ spiders climbing up you water spouts!


Do spiders like your property? If so,  you need a solution and we have just the program for your spider concerns. 

The PinPoint Guarantee

Like all of our services, we guarantee our spider services for your home. Need help between visits? Call our service team and we’ll schedule one re-treatment in between regular scheduled visits.

The pinpoint approach


Every spider project begins with our team listening to your concerns and designing an appropriate solution.


Our desire is to protect your home from insects both inside and outside with a tailored program that will meet your needs.


Communication is the first step in achieving good pest control. Once we know of your concerns, we can properly address them and give feedback on preventative actions that we can both take. 


Good pest control is a team effort. We want to partner with you by listening to your concerns, taking action, and leaving recommendations on what we can both do proactively to achieve pest prevention.

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