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Cockroaches love food, water, shelter, and warmth–just like us.
Our trained specialists will come along side you and show them the way out!

LETS MAKE your home
Cockroach Free

Most of us have a distaste for humidity, however cockroaches love this environment. Combining our generally humid environment with the warmth of your home creates just the place cockroaches are looking to stay.

Keeping your home cockroach free is very important as they can bring along various harmful bacteria such as E. Coli and Salmonella, contaminating whatever they may touch. Not only this, but cockroaches also are known to cause infestations which pose an even greater threat to you and your families health.

Cockroaches, more so than other insects, build up a resilience to pesticides, especially common ones sold at hardware stores. Having a professional pest specialist with industry grade products is often the only way to fully rid and protect your home of cockroaches.

Why Effective
Cockroach control is important

Keeping your home cockroach free is one of the most important things you can do for you and your families health. Make sure your home remains dry, clean, and uncluttered to help discourage the welcoming of cockroaches.

Although cockroaches are known to cause infestations, don’t fear! Some are more likely to infest than others and all can be treated. Generally speaking, larger cockroaches (Oriental, American, water bugs, palmetto bugs, amongst other cockroaches) do not commonly create severe infestations, while German cockroaches (about 1/2in. long) are typically culprits of a severe infestation.

Whether you have already seen cockroaches or just want to prepare against the possibility of them in your home, PinPoint has an industry leading program just for the fight against cockroaches. We will protect your home against these insects using reactive products for any current issues and lay a proactive protective barrier to keep the cockroaches out once and for all!


If cockroaches are inhabiting your home we are here to help! With industry leading pest control applications and high quality customer service we are here for all your cockroach needs. 

The PinPoint Guarantee

Like all of our services, we guarantee our cockroach service for your home. Need help between visits? Call our service team and we’ll schedule one free re-treatment in between regular scheduled visits.

The pinpoint approach


Every cockroach project begins with one of our service representatives, specialists, or managers listening to your concerns and designing an appropriate solution as a result.


Our licensed specialists will arrive on time at your property on a scheduled appointment. After reviewing account information and listening to your feedback and concerns, your specialist will begin your treatment. Every treatment is different but you can rest assured that your property will be left PinPoint Protected


After your treatment has been completed your specialist will communicate with you about any notable aspects of your property and advise on the best practices for optimal pest control results. You will also receive post-treatment text confirmation, emailed invoices and receipts, and a completion door hanger letting you know your services have been completed. 


We understand that pest control is only achieve when the home owner and PinPoint are in a partnership together. We will come along side you, leaving recommendations on what we can do together to achieve your pest goals. As always, our trained team is just a phone call away to answer any questions you may have.

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