Mosquito Sniper defends your outdoor space

Mosquito Sniper is a locally owned and operated pest control company servicing the upstate area. We are proud to provide premier pest control solutions to commercial, residential, food-servicing, and healthcare properties.  

When It comes to bugs We have your 6-oclock

We understand that there are numerous different pest issues that may arise on your property. You can rest assured that no matter the issue PinPoint is here to help. Whether it be an out door nuisance or an indoor issue that needs a quick reliable resolution we have you covered. 

The entirety of our team at PinPoint is local. From our customer service team to our licensed specialists, we all live here with you in the upstate of South Carolina and your home protection matters to us.

Mosquito Sniper is a brand of PinPoint Pest Solutions servicing our community for all pest control needs.

OUtdoor pest control
Making your property great again

Mosquito Control

Pest problems in the home need to be dealt with swiftly and permanently. At Pinpoint, we design programs to the unique needs and pests our customers are dealing with in and around their homes.

Flea and Tick Services

Greenville, South Carolina’s climate offers an ideal haven for termites. With our Termite Home Bond, homeowners can be insured up to $1 million worth of damage.

Fire Ant Control

If your home is damp and holding too much moisture this can be dangerous for the structure of your home and create potential breeding grounds for moles or termites. We are happy to inspect and determine the best next step for your property. 

Other Situations

If you own or run a business of any kind we would love to care for you and your customers with our PinPoint Pro team that specializes in commercial property protection. 

We have a program Specific to your needs

In South Carolina we enjoy all four seasons and everything each season one to us. Through Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter we will be here to address all of your pest concerns. 

Some pests are more active depending on the time of year. We have programs designed to protect you from particular insects during their peak season. Whether the issue be indoor or out door we will always address your concerns directly and treat as necessary. 

If you are unsure of what issues are present on your property let us know! We offer free inspections year round to pinpoint what issues are present and inform you of the best next steps for your property. 

The Mosquito Sniper Guarantee

We guarantee all of our services and your satisfaction matters to us. If something seems off let us know and we will be out to your property to assess and determine the issue at hand. 


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